A bleeding heart is not weaker than a cold one.
Fight of plight.
The world is not soft. You must be strong–your survival depends on it. Strength is not quantifiable. It is not limited to your body or your willpower. There are many ways one can be “strong”, love is not a handicap. Love is an odd construct. Some people believe that we cannot live without love, without being loved. Some people believe that an abundance of love is a sign of weakness. “Too much” love will blind you–disable you. “Not enough” love will hurt you–poison you. There are no lines here, there is no perfect balance, no “just right” level of love to keep you on solid ground. I believe that every human makes the choice (conscious or otherwise) to give and take the amount of love they desire–the amount that they are comfortable with. It does not feel like a choice.
Love will show itself in strange and insignificant ways, it is as difficult to quantify as strength. To sacrifice. To consume. These are extremes, acts of love. What is one willing to risk? To take? People do great things–terrible and beautiful things–in the name of love. No one has the power to dictate your love. The amount you choose to give, to let in. Until you choose to share that love, express that love, open up to being loved, any adjective that love–Your love belongs to you and you alone. The love you come by can be stolen. The love you put into the world can be abused, you are allowed to not love.
Love is incredible.
Love is painful.
Love is so many things that cannot be expressed with mere words.
But love is not a weakness.
Love is a strength.
Love is a superpower.
No amount of love is right or wrong. Never let them tell you that.
You cannot love too much. They will tell you that you cannot live that way. They say you will “run out” of love if you “waste” it.
You must always save love for yourself.
But there is not a limit to love.
No amount of love in this existence will doom you, damn you.
The world needs more love. More kindness, more strength.
Do not believe them.
There is always love to be given.
There is always love to comfort.
Love does not expire.
Love is not a limited thing.

Love endlessly.
Love ferociously.
Love excessively.
Love mercilessly.
Love whether it is “deserved” or not.
Love whether it is “earned” or not.
Love without fear.
Love without reward.
Love without expectation.
Love with determination.

Your love does not make you small.
Your love does not make you weak.

You are not a bleeding heart.

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